Enjoy the taste of Chocolate Relaxation with our “Chocolate Experience”


This tasty experience, designed especially for our customers, brings a unique food relaxation activity. Enjoying the yummy of prime chocolates, this experience brings you relaxation in the fun of chocolate design, the exquisite smells of chocolate making and the delicious of a very personalized chocolates. 


No more chocolates made for the masses without any personality, enjoy the unique and totally personalized flavors and forms of of your own chocolates. 


And... enjoy the free-access to our "Chocolate Experience PlayList" where you'll listen to the most memorable chocolate music for a complete "Chocolate Experience"

Chocolate Experience

SKU: 002
  • Chocolate Box Experience with:

    1. Chocolate Mold

    2. Melting Chocolate

    3. Chocolate Making Instructions

    4. QR code for music playlist




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