The power of Meditation available in your hands anywhere, anytime...


Specially designed for our customers, this experience allows you to have your own Meditation Garden anywhere and anytime. 


Just taking some moments to create your Meditation Garden, this is a perfect experience to solve stressful moments in your daily life. Assign values to the rocks as people, problems, ideas and isolated them using the sand and the rake. Focusing on the figures, aesthetic of your mini garden and the movements of this experience, allows you to center your mind and have an amazing relaxing experience.


No more stressful moments in your life, enjoy the unique and totally personalized Meditation Garden. 


And there is more... enjoy the free-access to our "Meditation Garden Experience PlayList" where you'll listen to the relaxing Zen music for a complete "relaxing experience"

Meditation Garden

SKU: 3
  • Meditation Garden Box with:

    1. Wood base container

    2. Sand

    3. Rocks

    4. Mini wood rake

    5. QR code for music playlist




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